Sunday, November 9, 2008

Mom & Lucky

My mom has been living alone for a few years now.... I was the first to fly the coop and moved out; a little bit later my two brothers moved out to the suburbs of Northern Jersey (talk about sitcom....two Filipinos in a house in the Jersey suburbs, and we're not talking Jersey City here!) So imagine my surprised when I visited my mom yesterday and I discovered a new man living with her. He happily greeted me at the door even before my mom came. Curious, I wondered who this could be. But if my mom loves him, then I was excited to get to know him as well.

However, as soon as I sat down, I noticed he was acting a bit wary.... he started staring at me intently. Suddenly, he jumped at me, bit my arms and gave me a big scratch!

Yep that's Lucky - he is now my mom's new son, room mate and companion. He looks adorable and cuddly but watch out when you first meet him.....its better to let him come to you or just stay away from him!

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