Monday, November 10, 2008

Another Hobby

I love having hobbies. I love having then so much that I have tons of them. Painting, reading, knitting, crocheting, tennis, cooking, scrap-booking...the list goes on. Of course, having so many hobbies is not the same as actually actively pursuing those hobbies. But in the fast-paced modern world of New York City, who really has time to do much of anything, much less a laundry list of hobbies. (Though you've got to have the equipment available in case the mood strikes, no?)

Recently, another very surprising hobby has shot up to the top of the list (propelled mostly by my husband, if I were pressed to admit.) Bowling....That's right....bowling

Me at Maple Lane

Now I didn't grow up in America, and bowling isn't exactly an integral part of my country. In fact, the second time I'd ever set foot in a bowling alley was during the hurricane that struck at the end of the summer. It was too rainy to do much of anything, so we took the trusty Civic (great acquisition by my husband) with some friends over to a nearby alley. We played a couple of games to see if we all actually liked it. And we did! (in spite of my score.) However, as the hygiene freak that I am, I really couldn't stomach using the house shoes (god knows what kind of bacteria and fungus is growing in those shoes) and bowling balls (some people don't wash their hands after bathroom).... so I insisted to my husband that I get my own bowling ball and shoes....and I got it!! (along with the rest of the blowing crews)

New smiling bowling ball and below is an engraved of my name nick name

On Friday, we headed over to our regular alley (yes, we now have a regular alley) and George, the pro-shop owner from whom we got our gear, came by to teach us some techniques. Unfortunately, our scores all went down after implementing his advice, but we are all pretty certain that is a temporary hiccup. Even the owner Johnny (hubby and friends thinks his name is Donny) invited us to join in a league after he saw how much fun we were having - I'm pretty certain he sees us as the new face of bowling for the 21th Century!

Given our track record, who knows how long I'll keep this up (although hubby and his brother from another mother are already ready to quit it all and go on tour!) But for the time being, I'm having fun with it - enough to get up at 8:30 AM on (some) Sundays to get the 3 hour price deal. And if we grow tired of it, well we still have a little bit of closet space left in the house.


  1. look at your form, it's gorgeous!! bowling is the best thing that's happened to us all year! ;-)

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