Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Don't Make My Brownies Blue

Fall season is here and cold weather is back again. The leaves on the trees are starting to turn its color and eventually fall on the ground. The sun now set very early at 4:00PM -that if its not cloudy outside; otherwise you will never see a sun at all...ugh. This kind of day makes me sad.

I was happy to be back home after a very long boring day. I sort my mails (its amazing how many catalogs I get each day - I guess Christmas shopping is coming soon, if its not already here), checked my emails, chatted with friends on YM, watered my plant and watched TV. As I sat down and snuggle on our brand spanking new couch, I heard my stomach rumbling. Clearly its a sign that I need some snack. I got up and went to the kitchen. I open every single cabinet and am shocked to find that we have no snack, goodies or muchies! What the hell did I do with it? Or better question is, did my husband eat all my snacks..ggrrr

Irritated, I slammed each cabinet door. I slammed it so hard that the salad mixing bowl fell on my head, followed by a box. In a bit of pain, I bent down to pick up the items that landed on the floor. Suddenly an electric mixer fell out of the cabinet...(getting angry now!)

Still in pain, I put the items back in the cabinet when I noticed, tucked away in a corner, a box of double chocolate fudge brownie mix. What a better way to chase away the cold weather blues than some delicious, moist and hot out of the oven chocolate fudge brownies. I followed the instructions and popped them in the oven. They smelled so good baking up, I could hardly stand the wait

Unfortunately, husband was working late, so I would have to wait to try the tasty treats. Eventually, he got home, we had dinner and cleaned up. Finally, it was time to bite into the chocolatey, fudgey goodness. I popped a piece in my mouth and....what is this? Well this tastes a bit odd.... I look at the box...Organic? Whole wheat flour?...No wonder something didn't seem right...these brownies were trying to be...gulp....HEALTHY! Oh well, hubby seems to like them just fine (not surprising if you knew him). Next time I'll have to read the label before baking!

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  1. Hi Joanie I had the shock of my life when I saw there was another follower on my very insane blog. I should say are you crazy? But no I won't. I like your blog too so I'll be clicking the follow button and adding you to my cool blog list. I'll be doing the next story very soon life has got in the way. And I have a 'straight blog' which the farm one but even that I think is warped at times as well. Have a great day and visit again.


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