Thursday, March 4, 2010

Something Missing, Something Gained

New Year passed. Gained weight.

Nothing drastic. Vague bloat and discomfort.

Rich food. Lots of drink. What's this?

Bummer. Need to get back in shape.

Cut down on food, add time on exercise bike. Back in shape by Golden Globes.

Only not.

Add sluggishness and fatigue. Is this getting old? I'm only 29!*

Few days more and something is amiss. Missing? Missed. What's this?

Go to store. No Rainn Wilson. No Sunny D. What's this?

A dark line. ONE dark line.

Bummer. Need to get back in shape.

Double bummer. Not because of the weight.

Sigh. I'm already 29!*

Wait a minute. What's this? What did I miss?

Two stick. Two lines?

No. One dark line.

Double bummer. Single dark line. Sigh...

Hubby makes morning water.

What's this? What did I miss?

Four lines. Four lines?

Two stick, two lines. Four lines.

Two lines? Two lines.

Where? There!

There? Where!

One bright pink line....

One faint pink line.

What's this!

One bright pink line! One faint pink line!

Two lines! Two sticks! Four lines!

No bummer!

One heartbeat. Two heartbeats. Four heartbeats.

*ages have been changed to protect the innocent.