Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Masungit at Mataray

Two weeks ago a long lost friend of a long somewhat lost cousin (let's call him B) added me in Friendster. Now, I wasn't really that friends with B, but since it's been so long, why the heck not? And besides, I was hoping to find my cousin from B's friends list. B send me an email requesting to view my private wedding photos. Since I wasn't so sure about him, I replied to him to confirm if he really was my cousin'e friends. B responded: "Yup! masungit ka nga at mataray (yup you are that mean person)"

What? I thought he was joking so I let it go, but the next day when I chatted with one of B's friends, the friend confirmed that B said the same thing about me to him. What's this? Why is B complaining to everyone about me? Seriously dude....are you holding on to some long, clearly lost whatsoever grudge about me? I just don't get it/

As I started to think about it, I began to wonder, if B really thinks so poorly of me, then why did he even want to view my private photo when he clearly doesn't like me to begin with? Was this all just to get some gossip about me, so he could talk about me with everyone else in his pathetic little circle of friends?

Seriously, B what is the point of this? I'm 17 years and half a world away from you. Just get over it dude.

I'll admit that I am not always the sweetest person you'll ever meet, I am blunt and have never had a problem telling it like it is. Diplomacy isn't exactly my strong suit; but I like to think that honesty is. And truthfully, you either you like me or you don't. Whatever.

But since I haven't spoken to B in who knows how long, how does he have any idea if I am mataray? And if 3 out of 4 of B's friends don't have a problem with me (as far as I know), then maybe the problem isn't with me, huh?

So, B, if you're reading this, I hope you enjoy reading my profile, viewing my photos and have a good life living in the desert!! Oh, and seriously dude.....get over it!


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