Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Not Economically Viable

I was cleaning my mailbox and saw an I email I sent to my coworkers when I quit a previous job (7 years ago). Oh I wish I could send this again but given the economic situation, we are forced to hold tight to jobs that keep us miserable

Goodbye Everyone

Now's the time to say goodbye
I bet you know the reason why
It's best for me to be moving on,
So, I'll pack my desk and say "so long"

Yes, I'm resigning, I just hate this place
I can't stay here anymore; I need a change of pace
But, to be honest it's not really the job that I hate
It's the boss that bitches for being five minutes late

So many people have left before me
You know I'm not alone, and there'll be more just you see
And with all the unspeakable anger and innumerable tears
I still can't fathom why I stayed for two years

So, now is the time to gladly say goodbye
But I'll thank some of you for many good times
It wasn't all bad, there was certainly some fun
But I still hope it'll be better at the new one


  1. OH MY GOSH... I totally could have sent that to my co-workers if I had quit and not been laid off!! I was in the process of looking for a job at the time and was hoping to get out of there. Getting laid off was not REALLY the plan... but it'll work out in the end... I hope!

  2. love it!!! i wish i could send that around my job!!!! hang in there!

  3. Seriously...don't we all have days like this.

    Thanks for following me! Its always great to meet someone new.

  4. Thank you guys

    Kitty - hang in there. I'm praying you get a new job soon.

    Laura - thank you...i'm hanging on my miserable part-time job. Feel free to keep a copy just in case you decided to send it (when the time is right ;-D)

    Musing of the Mrs - thanks for following me as well. I enjoy reading your blog!

  5. How funny is that! Hopefully the economy will change soon and maybe in a few years we can use something like this again!

  6. WOW this sums up how everyone feels at my job right now.


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