Friday, February 13, 2009

25 Random Things About Joanie

I've been tagged in Facebook to write 25 random things about myself So here they are...

  1. I can't write! Thats right. I have always had great ideas to write but I have very low confidence with my writing skills. The reason for that is....
  2. I skipped English 101 when I studied here in US. I begged my college dean of admissions to accepts my English credits from the Philippines because I had no money to pay for my tuition fee. I wanted to graduate so bad so I could start working.
  3. I can't drive. Yes you read it right. But you can't blame me; I've lived in the city my whole life (except for when I lived in a rural community in the Philippines)! And besides, parking in the city is a bitch!
  4. I have terrible sense of direction. I guess it's a good thing I can't drive
  5. I love to drink wine, but don't ask me to recommend anything....I have no idea what to tell you
  6. My mom convinced me to study nursing so I did. But I quit in half a day of my internship. I couldn't stand the smell from the nursing home
  7. I study Hotel and Restaurant Management in the Philippines (PWU) for 1 semester but when I came in the US I couldn't find a school close to home that offered that degree. Frustrated, I looked at the school list of courses and saw A for Accounting
  8. I love coffee and is my life support and hazelnut is my flavor
  9. I was teased in high school for being really fat and quite. I was fat but don't think I was REALLY that fat :-D and quite....little they did know
  10. I like my husband's cooking but I hate it when he cooks. He makes a huge mess in the kitchen and even all the way to the dining room. He uses every utensil around. And since he cooks, I have to clean. I hate cleaning!
  11. I have 2 brothers and one of them is a US Soldier. I'm very proud of him
  12. I love Judge Judy. I like it when she says "You are not a good witness. Because a good witness answers a Judge's question directly, and my question to you was a very simple one. A SIX YEAR OLD COULD ANSWER IT!!"
  13. I do not get football. I've tried to figure it out and my husband and his friends have both tried to teach me, but I guess I'm just not into it
  14. One of my close friends is Haitian and she is a sweet, smart & strong woman! I love her even though we don't see each other ofter....but hey that's why we have Facebook right?
  15. I re-connected with my childhood crush, thanks to the wonderful world wide web. Unfortunately, he turned out to be jerk and pretty creepy. Glad he was just a crush
  16. When I was young, I had a huge crush on Joey McIntyre of NKOTB, Hugh Grant, Bret Michael of Poison and John Cusack (because JC reminds me of ex bf)
  17. One of my bridesmaids was a guy. I've known him for 12 plus years. He is a vegan (a.k.a. pain in the ass) and I call him my brother from another mother because his b-day is the same as my older bro and his mom and my mom has the same name and b-day too
  18. I love shoes, handbags, the spas and the beach, but I can only afford one at the time
  19. I love to read books but if I don't like the first 10 pages, I drop it like a hot potato
  20. I seldon go to church/attend mass because I'm tired of some priest bashing other religions during homily, especially since...
  21. My husband is a different religion from me. But it's never gotten in the wa of our relationship.
  22. I’m not a big fan of one of my friend’s husband because he likes to talk big like he know this person and that person…I’m thinking “dude, if you really know the owner here, why the heck are we getting up to get our drink? Can’t that person you know hook you up for a 5 star service?I guess talking big compensate for something he is….short of. ;-)
  23. I hate it when someone only calls me because they need to vent. But as soon as everything is lovey-dovey, they have no time for you
  24. Like my friend Mimi says - I really, really hate talking on the phone. If I don't call you - please don't take it personal. It's definetely the phone, not you! Text or IM me instead ;-)
  25. Sometimes I want to kill my dog because my dog doesn't go to the bathroom when I'm around (or when walking him). He will hold it for 2 days or until my husband walk him. I know that he is just a dog, and he had really hard life for 5 years. I need to have more patience, but it can get frustrating.

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