Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Back In The High Life Again

My mother in-law always says "family is very important to me". This year (like every other year), she (along with FIL) treat us--all their children and grandchildren to 8 days cruise to Caribbean.

Here are some of the highlights

the very colorful Antigua

gorgeous Tortola (my new favorite island)

view of Jost Van Dyke Island from the Tortola BVI

view of the ships from the top of the hill in Tortola

sunset in St. Thomas

Pictures from Bahamas, the Cruise Ship and inside our suite will soon to come! Stay tune!


  1. Looks like you had a great trip. My parents and in-laws have never done anything like that. If your mother-in-law is interested in adopting, I can be a very obedient son. :P

    1. if you are ready for crazy and loud family, then you are welcome to join us. but please bear in mind that there is a long wait list to be part of the circle. It took me 6 years :))

    2. lol, my wife and I dated 5 1/2 years before getting married. Two of my sisters didn't talk to her for years--I guess they wanted to be sure she was going to stick around before they made an effort to get to know her. :)

  2. Hope you and your family are all safe. My section of Maryland was lucky.

  3. thanks for checking. we weathered the storm. we luckily we are one of the highest points in the city, so no flooding & no power outage but lots of trees fell. good to hear you were all safe


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