Sunday, April 19, 2009

A Trying Experience

As you may recall, I was ticketed by park police for allegedly walking Lenny without his leash. As unanimously suggested by you guys, I went to the court and fight it. I was scheduled for an 8:30AM hearing (or so I thought). Now, I am not a morning person but to prove that I am not guilty (and to save $100), I dragged my ass out of bed and went to court earlier than scheduled.

As usual, most government bureaucracies are slow to move, I sat there waiting patiently for more than an hour until they called my name. Finally at 9:35 AM the administrative clerk judge called me. We sat in his office and he turned on his recorder and started writing jibberish (it looked like my hubby's writing)

Now, this is not really my first time at this sort of hearing. I once complained about a taxi not driving me home because I live in different borough (it's a typical stereotype that if you live outside of Manhattan, you pretty much live in the ghetto - little they know, we live in prime Parkslope) and btought the driver to a hearing. I knew I was going to win my case based on the law in NYC that no taxi can refuse a fare because the destination is in the different borough. Also, they stupid taxi driver brought his meter record which actually proved my case. Long story short, I won and the driver got penalized.

Having watched my favorite show Judge Judy thousands of times, I pretty much knew how to act in with the clerk judge: Never say anything until you are asked a question. Answer only Yes or No questions and bring proof/evidence.

So finally the clerk judge spoke;

CJ: Do you want this case to be adjourned and for me to give you a lower fine or do you want a hearing?

JB: I would like my ticket fine to be lowered if possible.

CJ: I can't do that; you need to pay $100.

JB: I guess your honor; I have no choice but to do a hearing.

CJ: Do you want the officer to be present during the hearing?

JB: (If I'm wasting my time here I think it's fair if the officer should waste his time too) Yes, your honor.

CJ: Are you going to have a lawyer represent you?

JB: (I think my husband can represent me but I don't want to look cocky in the eye of the "real" judge and end up losing the case and his sympathy) No, your honor. I will represent myself

CJ: Very well, we will send you a letter for your next hearing. You can go now.

That's it? I wasted 1 1/2 hours just to answer this stupid questions? They should have just send me the questionnaire and I would have mailed it back to them via Fed-ex!

I will be waitng for the next hearing. Hopefully it doesn't come anytime soon while I'm half a world away for the next 2 weeks.


  1. That is crazy. I would have been so mad. Have fun on our trip...and try not to get any tickets while away

  2. I hate bureaucracy, it's always so confusing!

    By the way, I love your blog - you got yourself a follower! :)

    And that puppy is PRECIOUS!

    Also, if you want to exchange links on blogroll, I'd be happy to do that - my blog is new, so I need some flaunting. :)

  3. Hello, I hope Lenny is well. Can you share with us the ruling of your ticket?


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