Wednesday, December 3, 2008

As I Wish or What Wesley Learned After Riding Off Into The Sunset With Buttercup

Now that the turkey has been fully digested (finally), it is officially that time of year again - CHRISTMASTIME! My husband asked me for the third time already what I want for Christmas. (This is a little game we play every year...he asks, I don't answer, he asks again, I still don't answer, he gives up asking and I tell him what I want - usually on a shopping trip specifically designed for that purpose.)

Well, this year I'm not really sure what I want, but since he insists, I'll have to come up with something to go shopping for one he stops asking. I'm sure when he reads this he will say "how many of those do you really need?" He'll then follow that up with, "too expensive!"

Here goes:

1.) A Louis Vuitton bag.

I think this new bag is perfect for work next year and it's big enough to fit my new laptop and other gadgets I carry everyday. (
Of course, so are the other countless "work bags" that he has bought me over the years, but hey....none of those are LV)

2.) These
gorgeous Christian Louboutin shoes (very prive platform pump)..oh to die for!

These shoes will not only look good, but they will make me look a lot taller (
and a lot more like Imelda Marcos who, despite her many faults, sure has good taste in shoes!) Sure I have lots and lots of shoes, but c'mon girls, who among us can say we have enough shoes?!?

A spa package at my favorite spa, D'Mai Urban Spa here in Parkslope, Brooklyn.

D'mai, if you are reading, take a note that - that was free advertising to a LARGE readership....and besides, lets not forget the $320 I spent at you a few months ago - which I conveniently told my husband was only $120. By the way, ladies, if you're going to attempt a fabrication like that, make sure YOU get to the credit card statement before HE does!

Yeah, yeah...maybe I'm materialistic. Maybe I want to have things that I don't really need....things that I already have. Ok...sure, I want to end the world hunger, I want peace throughout the world, I want to save the Siberian Tiger. But how is my little ol' wish going to accomplish all that? And besides, none of that will look any good on me! (I kid, I kid....I bet a tiger fur would go fabulous with the Christian Louboutin shoes.)

Whatever...It's just a wish list. I don't expect to get any of that (not with my cheap husband - he really doesn't understand why she who has the most shoes wins). But a girl's allowed to wish, right?

And really, the things that do, happiness, contentment....well, I've already got those. I don't have to wish for those things, because I've already got the one thing I couldn't have hope to wish husband. (and lucky for me, like Imelda, he too has suprisingly good taste in shoes.) :-D


  1. Gosh, I hope you get what you dreamed of!

  2. omigoodness!!! i did NOT know you were out here blogging away, i'm so happy!!

    i, for one, would ask for that beautiful LV bag - it will look great on you and it keeps for years. so you know, your hubby can figure out the $ across the years and it really isn't that much after all?! ;-)

  3. Mimi...isn't it about time you board that plane to Nigeria? Don't be a rabble-rouser!


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